The president and his owners are trying to stave off the Mueller investigation.

They’re urging lawmakers to pass a bill that would block the Justice Department from investigating them or any of their businesses.

In a statement Thursday, Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. said they have been told by a White House lawyer that they can’t discuss what happened with the Justice department.

The president’s lawyers are threatening to sue to stop Mueller from looking into their finances and business dealings, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

The law firm representing the president and the White House is also threatening to file a lawsuit against the Justice Dept. if it looks into his finances.

Trump and his sons are among those who’ve been blocked from discussing any of the topics that Mueller’s investigation could potentially focus on.

They’ve been told they can only discuss what they can share with investigators, the person familiar said.

Trump and his family members have not been given a copy of the memo.

The memo was sent to the Trump family’s lawyers last month.

It said they can discuss any matter they wish regarding the ongoing investigation, and that they will not be subject to any subpoena or investigation.

The White House and the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In an interview with Fox News last week, President Donald Trump defended his use of Twitter, saying he’s “been doing it for a long time” and that his tweets are “much more accurate.”

Trump said he was trying to be objective in his tweets and not “just making stuff up.”

He also claimed he doesn’t think people should be worried about what he said, because “it’s not really news to me.”

Trump has been at the center of the controversy since last month, when he suggested that he might release his tax returns to avoid paying taxes.

The investigation has expanded to include the finances of Trump’s two eldest sons, Eric and Don Jr., and his daughter Ivanka, who was recently tapped as his White House adviser.

Trump Jr. and his father are both facing subpoenas from Mueller’s investigators for documents and interviews, according in part to people familiar with his efforts.

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