A new podcast series called Sports Monkeys will examine how to be entertaining in sports without actually being a sports fan.

Its host is comedian and writer-director Rob McElhenney, whose previous credits include The Office, The Daily Show and The Daily News.

Its subject matter is mostly about sports, but its topics range from political satire to pop culture.

Its title, Sports Monks, refers to a sports-centric website that has been running since 2015.

McElhinney is a sports expert, and his podcast has a strong and consistent focus on the sport.

It’s also about a lot more than sports, and it’s a great way to get to know your favorite athletes and personalities.

Here are a few things you need to know about the series, and what you can do to get the best out of it.1.

McConaughey, Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are the stars.

But don’t get your hopes up.

“This is not a show about sports,” McElhanney told The Washington Times.

“It’s about the people who are in sports.

This is a show that celebrates the people that make them who they are.

I think people are really going to get an emotional response to this show.

This will not be a sports show.”

McConaghnes will be playing alongside Pratt and Poehler.

They’re joined by actors Zach Galifianakis and Will Arnett, and stars in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

“They’re really all here to help us with this show,” McConaughnes said.

“We have a bunch of really great writers and a bunch who are all very funny and I think it’s going to be fun for everyone to watch.”2.

The show will have a lot of laughs.

“I think we’re going to hit it out of the park with this,” McLahey told the Times.

He added that the podcast will be “totally comedic.”

“We’re all comedians,” McParthney said.

McLahe said he’s not going to let anyone’s sense of humor “deter him from trying something different or something new.”

“I’ll just say that this is not going be the same show we did in the past,” McAllister said.3.

You’ll find plenty of sports references.

McCullen will be bringing his comedy chops from The Daily Talk.

The first episode of the show, titled “The Future of Sports,” is set in a sports stadium.

“Our show is going to have a ton of references,” McClaughton said.

“[The Daily Talk] was a big part of our show and I’m not just talking about the announcers and the announcments, but the whole audience and the way we’re broadcasting sports.

We want to make sure we don’t alienate our audience.”4.

It will be very funny.

McPoy is a veteran of TV comedy, having written and directed episodes of The Office and the Daily Show.

“Rob is a very funny man,” McPoyle told The Times.

In fact, he said, he’s going into this as “the world’s funniest writer.”

“It will be a great place to start and it will be great for everyone involved.”5.

It has lots of clips.

There will be clips of actors performing sports stunts, McLahere said.

The hosts will have their own take on those sports moments.

“Every single time that we do an interview, there is a great clip of somebody that’s doing something and then it’s an actual interview that we’re doing,” McLehane said.

There’s also a lot going on in the podcast.

McAllisters and McLahes said they’re not going for the “classic” sports content of a sports podcast.

“There are going to always be things in sports that you won’t get on this show, so we are going into the business of making sure we can have fun with that,” McArnett said.6.

It’ll be entertaining.

The podcast will have “a lot of funny bits,” McAguirre said.

Some of those jokes will be about “a couple of the characters that we will be doing the podcast with,” McCulty said.

But McLaher said they are aiming for “a bit of fun.”

“I think people have a very specific point of view about sports and they want to hear about sports from the perspective of somebody who is really into sports,” he said.

You can watch a trailer of the podcast below.7.

You won’t have to watch a lot to get it.

McEldowney and McAllers have a background in sports and other comedy-related media.

McLeod said that he and McAuliffe both grew up watching the NFL on ESPN and they were always interested in doing their own sports-related projects. “The idea

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