The NFL has been in a lockout state since October, but the NBA has been even more involved.

This is the fourth time the league has taken action since the start of the lockout.

There have been negotiations with labor over a new collective bargaining agreement, as well as a new television contract.

And, finally, the NBA is negotiating a new TV deal with the NFL, but it’s not expected to be finalized until sometime next year.

Here’s a rundown of what you need know about all of this.1.

The NBA lockout is happening.

What is a lockout?

The NBA has agreed to a lockout that will last through July 15.

That means the lockout will continue for about two weeks, during which time the salary cap is raised by $15 million and the salary-cap room is cut by $3 million.

But in the meantime, there will be no salary cap.

Instead, the salary floor will be set by the league office.

The cap will be around $92 million, which will increase each year.

The ceiling will rise to $108 million for the 2020-21 season, then to $116 million for 2021-22, and then to a projected $120 million for 2022-23.

All of that is subject to adjustment.

For instance, the cap will not rise in 2019 because of the NBA’s lockout, but if it does, the ceiling will be $109 million.

It’s unclear how much cap space will be available for the 2022-22 season.

It also remains to be seen whether the NBA will extend the franchise tag or whether the league can use it to negotiate a new deal with another team.

The lockout also affects the salary caps for other players.

The salary cap for players like DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant will rise by $6 million for each season from $89.9 million to $99 million.

For players like Jimmy Butler, the new salary cap will rise $7.2 million each season to $98 million, while the salary for Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard and Kevin Love will increase by $1 million each to $92.6 million.

This will likely impact the salaries of DeMarcus and James Harden, who each had cap figures that were slightly higher than their cap numbers in 2019-20.

The NBA also has to decide on its new television deal, which is scheduled to go into effect next year, with the NBA Network.

There will be some new details released about the deal during this period, but for now, the league is keeping its cards close to its chest.

The league has indicated that the new deal will give the NBA a much better chance at securing more TV money and making more TV deals.

The new deal could also provide an incentive for teams to keep their NBA franchises.

But if the new TV contract is approved, it will likely take a few more seasons for the NBA to make its case for the new contract.


The lockout affects the NBA roster.

While the lockout isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, the lockout affects every player on the NBA squad.

For example, the salaries and contracts of DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus, Jimmy Butler and Russell Westbrook are affected.

In addition, players like Josh Smith, Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard and DeAndre Cilliers have all been affected by the lockout, as have some key members of the team’s roster.

For now, it remains to to be known how the salary pools will be impacted by the new collective agreement.


The teams are not affected.

There is a difference between the players and teams that are affected by a lockout, however.

The players can take any of three actions.

They can sit out the season, they can sign an extension, or they can take a pay cut.

Players can also sign a new contract with another franchise.

Players cannot be fired from their jobs or demoted by their teams.

If a player resigns, the player has to accept a paycut.

If they don’t accept a new offer, they will lose their starting salary.

The owners can fire players for any reason, and the league does not have the power to discipline a team for a player’s actions.


There are no salary caps.

It’s not clear whether the salary ceiling will increase in 2019 or 2020, but both the cap and the ceiling could rise in 2021.

It is also not clear how the new cap will affect other players who are signed through the 2020 season, such as the aforementioned DeMarcus Cillier, Josh Smith and Kevin Garnett.5.

The NFL is not affected by this lockout.

NFL players have been able to sign new contracts with other teams.

That’s true even if the league doesn’t agree to a new agreement.

For the most part, the NFL is operating on a different set of rules than other sports leagues.

The average salary cap

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