The Kentuckians are back, and this week, they have their own Kentucky Sports radio station.

The station, which started with five radio stations, now has more than 20.

“We’re a pretty large operation,” said Kevin Williams, executive producer of the station, in an interview with WLKY.

“It’s a lot of work.

It takes a lot to make it happen.”

Kentucky Sports was established as a radio station in 2008, and has been a partner of the Kentucky Wildcats since 2009.

It has also hosted the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Invitational basketball games, and Kentucky men’s basketball and Kentucky women’s basketball tournaments.

“Kentucky Sports has been one of the most reliable partners we’ve had,” Williams said.

“They’ve been there for us through the heartache of the last three years, through the economic downturn and through the NCAA tournament.

They’ve been the backbone of our network.

I think it’s really important that we continue to be able to continue to provide that.” 

Kentucky’s basketball team plays its home games at Kentucky Stadium in Lexington.

Kentucky Sports is one of three radio stations in Kentucky that covers the state of Kentucky, with the other two being Kentucky Public Radio and The Louisville Courier-Journal. 

Kentuckians can listen to the Kentucky Sports program via radio or download it on-demand.

There are no paid subscriptions, but listeners are encouraged to donate to the station through their station’s website, where it can be used for scholarships.

Kentucky has a strong history in radio broadcasting.

It hosted the nationally-televised “College GameDay” on ESPN and the Louisville MetroStars on KMOX for over 30 years, and it has hosted the “Kentuckers” series of radio shows since the 1970s.

Kentucky sports radio has also had a presence on WLKS, WBRC, and WVIR-FM, as well as the Kentucky Public Broadcasting system. 

“I think a lot about it as a kid growing up in the Midwest, you never really thought you’d get to do that,” said Williams, who has been the Kentucky sports producer for many years.

“I think the most exciting thing about that is, you get to make a living doing that.

It’s been a really rewarding job.

And I’m really happy with how the relationship has grown.” 

As for the station’s future, Williams said he is hoping to continue broadcasting Kentucky sports, and he’s excited to expand his coverage in the future.

“You never know what the future holds, but I definitely think I’ll be doing something a little bit more ambitious,” he said.

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