Democrats’ super PAC, “A Better Way,” has raised more than $1 million so far.

The group’s treasurer, Rob Nichols, told The Hill on Thursday that his group has been raising money since February to help elect Democrats in 2018.

“We started with the goal of electing a Democratic senator, but now we want to elect more Democratic senators, too,” Nichols said.

Nichols said that he has received more than 500 contributions from people who supported his cause.

“I think it is amazing that our campaign is getting so much support,” Nichols told The Washington Post.

“People are passionate about this cause, and we are getting amazing support from people from every walk of life.”

Nichols said his goal is to raise enough money to buy election machines, voter registration, and polling places.

He said the group plans to spend up to $2 million on elections, including in Florida, Arizona, and Michigan.

Nichols told the Post that he hopes his fundraising will give Democrats an edge over Republican efforts to hold a congressional seat in 2018, in part because his group is not targeting specific districts.

“A better way” is one of the first candidates in the 2020 cycle to embrace a super PAC.

Democratic strategists and strategists say it is unlikely that any other super PAC will attempt to compete with Democratic turnout in 2018 despite its efforts.

They say that super PACs can easily raise millions of dollars in an election year and can spend much of it on TV ads.

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