The NFL Network is offering a subscription package for the first time in its history.

For $99 a month, subscribers can watch the NFL Network’s entire schedule of games live and stream free from the NFL app, which is free to all NFL fans, as well as the NFL Game Pass app, available on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

The subscription comes with access to the network’s archive of over 2,200 games and highlights from all 32 NFL teams, plus a full slate of live game highlights.

Forget the price.

You can also watch on the go using your favorite streaming device or the app, with access available for $4.99 a year.

To get a good idea of how the NFL package stacks up against other cable and satellite subscription options, we compared the NFL packages available on the Apple TV and Google TV platforms.

For those looking for a cheap, portable, streaming device to stream NFL games, the NFL is offering free access to its entire network through the NFL Mobile app.

With the NFL Sports app, you can watch any game you want, with the ability to add the NFL network to your device’s streaming queue.

On the Apple and Google platforms, you’ll need to install an NFL app on your device, but the NFL will automatically start broadcasting NFL games to your home TV set, and it’ll be automatically added to your list of available devices as you go through the app.

The NFL’s mobile app is available for iPhone and iPad.

For folks who prefer to stream from the desktop version of the NFL App, you don’t need to go out of your way to install a new app.

All you need is a compatible iOS or Android device, and you’ll get the same streaming experience as the desktop app, albeit with a few differences.

In addition to live coverage of all 32 teams and highlights, the apps offer a complete lineup of NFL video content including highlights, video highlights, scores, and scoresheet content.

For example, in addition to the regular season, the app offers all of the games in the 2016 season, plus the games of the 2016 postseason, as part of a package that includes the NFL’s post-season.

For the NFL, the live streaming experience is more than just content.

With access to a dedicated channel dedicated to the games and games highlights, you’re able to view the games you want from a variety of angles, from the sideline, to the front row of the stadium, and even the field, and can even watch live games on demand.

The NFL Network also has a number of exclusive live events and other programming, including a special game-day show, as we’ve previously reported.

For instance, in the fall, the network will host a live edition of the game between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots, and in 2018, it will host the Super Bowl, which takes place in January.

The package is available to subscribers on a 24-month basis.

We’ll update this post once the packages begin to roll out.

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