Sport bra sales have been rising in recent years and are expected to hit a record this summer, as the industry continues to expand.

In addition to the sale of athletic bras, a lot of women are looking to buy athletic bras with a variety of styles to make sure they’re comfortable.

The Wall St. Journal recently profiled a number of women who bought sports bras with different types of straps and designs to try and find the best fit.

Sports bra sales are expected top out at $3.7 billion this year.

Some of the top brands in this space include The Sports Bra Company, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Nike+ and SportGel.

But some of the more established brands are also seeing an uptick in sales.

The SportsBra brand has been around for nearly a decade and was founded in 2002.

It has expanded to more than 80 stores across the U.S. The company offers women sports bras that come in various styles, including athletic bras and bras with wide straps and other sports bras.

For example, the SportBra Sport Bra is designed to be worn with a sports bra.

It also comes with adjustable straps and is available in different colors.

While sports bras are one of the most popular types of bras, women’s sports bras can be a great way to make adjustments to your body shape and size.

For instance, if you wear a large cup size sports bra, you can make the straps and shape of the bra bigger to accommodate larger breasts.

And if you are a small cup size, you could make the bra narrower to accommodate the extra room in your bra.

You can also make the shape of a bra larger, which can make it more comfortable for larger breasts or smaller breasts.

You may also want to try on a bra to make certain it fits well for you.

The sports bra market is expected to grow as the women’s sport bra market expands.

According to the research firm Nielsen, sports bras were used by 16.7 million women in 2014, up from 13.4 million women a year earlier.

Sports bras are expected be a $2.7 trillion market in the U, with sales expected to reach $3 billion this summer.

And women are spending more money on sports bras than they did a decade ago.

As of last year, women spent an average of $1,749 per year on sports bra purchases.

In 2014, women were spending $3,769 per year.

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