A new study has found that kids aged seven to 11 were most interested in indoor sporting activities, including indoor soccer and football, while adults were most into outdoor sports like hiking and skiing.

The study by the Australian Sport and Fitness Council and the Australian Institute of Sport found outdoor sports were popular among kids aged four to six, while indoor sports were most popular for adults aged 25 to 34.

“There is a lot of data that indicates that indoor activity is actually quite important for a lot, if not all, of our children,” Aussies Sport and Sports Council CEO and president of the sport association, Tom McNeill, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“They tend to be more active and that’s what makes us a very active country.”

The research also found that children are more likely to engage in sports outside of school hours than adults.

“Our children are much more interested in outdoor activities than we are,” Mr McNeill said.

“When we’re out there on the grass or in the bush, our kids are looking for that extra challenge and they really enjoy that.”

The study also found the amount of indoor activity was strongly related to the age of the child.

“The most common outdoor activity for children is playing outdoors, the least common is going to school,” Dr McNeill added.

The research showed that the outdoor sport with the biggest effect on kids was football, followed by soccer and then skiing.

“We know that indoor sports are quite popular with children, especially with younger children,” Dr Mitchell said.

However, Dr McNeil said the study showed there were also risks associated with the sport.

“I think the most important thing for kids is to play outdoors,” he said.

“I think kids who play sports outdoors should be playing outside, not indoors.”


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