A sport club in a city can be a great place to meet up with friends and make new ones.

This year, I went with a friend to go on a bike ride to Mumbai’s Gaya to meet a group of women who were going out on their own for a bike-shopping spree.

This is what we came to see.

The ride took place on a rainy night in November.

There were no clouds and the sky was clear and sunny.

We parked our bikes and headed out.

We were heading towards the Gaya Park in the middle of Gaya, a popular spot for the Indian ladies to go for a stroll.

I was riding a Suzuki GSXR500 with a couple of other women.

The group of four was riding in a Suzuki CB500 and a Honda CB750.

We all shared a common interest in cycling, so it was easy to get along.

We also shared our bikes with other women in the group, who all seemed happy to be with us.

When we got close to the Goya Park, I saw that the bikes were empty.

The girls were taking turns with each other to ride.

The women were doing well, we were happy to see that they had a good time.

But one of the girls was having trouble with the handlebars and the bike was leaning backwards, so I went ahead and fixed the problem.

I noticed that it was bothering the girl in front of me.

I tried to fix the problem, but it just made her angry.

She said she was going to leave because she had to get a massage and that it’s not safe for her to ride her bike in front.

So I gave her the option of stopping and I asked her to call me later, but she refused.

I took her back home, but that didn’t help her.

So, I decided to make her go out alone.

I put on my helmet and the girls started riding together.

I then told her that we would take a break for a while, so we would come back later.

I don’t think she wanted to go alone, but we were in the midst of our bike ride when I saw her and said, “We can go together.”

We arrived at the GAYA Park at around 9:30pm.

It was dark outside, so my friend asked us to ride together in the dark.

We followed the road until we reached a spot called a “tantalising pond” where the women would sit and chat.

The water was cool and I was happy to have a place to go in the cold.

I sat down in the water and we sat there for a long time, chatting.

The women also joined in.

After a while the women were sitting on the ground and chatting.

I asked them, “Why don’t you go out and drink some water?”

I told them that I was going for a massage, but the women kept talking and giggling, making fun of my idea.

I took the opportunity to ask them if they would like to have me as a masseuse, but they kept talking to me and laughing.

It made me feel bad, so, I said, I’ll give you a massage.

I gave them a massage on the spot and they laughed.

I did not say anything else.

After the massage, they told me that I could go with them for a little while to have lunch, so they left.

I didn’t want to go, so when they came back, I asked the women to wait for me and they said that they would wait for a couple more minutes.

I wanted to give them a few minutes, so at that moment, they came out and I took them for lunch.

They left with me and we took a cab to a place where we could get some food.

I liked the idea of a massage so I decided that I would go.

I waited there for half an hour and then they left and I waited for them to come back.

They arrived a short while later.

When I saw them again, I was in a bad mood.

I said something to them and they went away.

I went to the bar and asked for some water, but when I asked for the water, I got a cold.

They said they were going to give me some water.

I looked for some ice, but there was none.

I told myself that they could have ice and they wouldn’t give me water, so then I started looking for something to drink.

I had a glass of water and I tried it, but I was not satisfied.

I drank it and felt better.

I called them and asked if I could borrow them for half a minute.

I couldn’t wait to go back and ask them again if they had ice, so as soon as I got the water I gave it to them.

They were all smiling and they were all laughing.

I returned home with them.

When they came to pick me up, they didn’t

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