New York is coming back to the Big Apple in 2021.

That’s the day when Ford and the Toyota team will begin their latest partnership to bring sports car ownership to the city, with the first vehicles being unveiled at a Ford factory in Brooklyn.

The partnership with Toyota, which was announced last week, will allow owners to enjoy the comfort of the Toyota and Ford brands with the same cars on a daily basis, as well as to get their own personal Ford Ranger or Toyota Camry.

While Toyota and Toyota have been in a partnership since the 1980s, the Ford deal is the first time the two companies have come together in one place for a single product, said Jeff Holden, a Ford executive vice president and GM COO.

Toyota’s Ranger will be available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine paired with a six-speed manual transmission.

Ford’s Camry is expected to come with a 6.2-liter four-cylinder engine and six-wheel-drive.

Holden said the Ford Ranger will offer the same levels of luxury as the Ford GT but with a more traditional design and a higher level of technology.

The first model is expected in 2021, with more to follow in 2021 and beyond.

The two companies said they expect the new cars to be the fastest-selling Ford and Honda vehicles in the U.S. in the years ahead.

“The Ford brand has a long history of innovation in car design and innovation in technology, so it was great to see the Toyota brand take advantage of that,” Holden said.

“Toyota is known for its innovative technologies and a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

We look forward to working together to deliver the best-in-class driving experience.”

Toyota’s next-generation Camry will be powered by the same 6.0L turbocharged engine that powers the Nissan GT-R and Toyota Corolla, Holden said, and will have a power-to-weight ratio of approximately 3.5 hp/liter.

The Camry’s EPA-rated starting price is $27,700 for the 2.5-liter V6 and $32,500 for the 4.0 liter V6.

Ford will offer a limited-edition version of the Camry that includes a 4-door hatchback.

It will be offered starting in 2021 for the North American market, with a price tag of $40,000, while the base model will be priced at $36,900.

Ford has said it will begin shipping the Camrys in 2019, while Toyota is currently selling them in the United States and Canada.

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