The NBA playoffs are over, but it’s still fun to be a basketball fan in the States.

So here’s a list of the best ways to follow each game.

First, the winners and losers of each game:The Clippers win, the Celtics lose.

The Cavs beat the Spurs, Raptors beat the Warriors, Raptors lost to the Raptors.

The Spurs won the series, which is a bit of a relief.

I had no idea the Spurs were this good.

The Raptors have lost their last two games, but they have still managed to win three of their last four games.

I still have a lot of hope for them.

The Thunder are coming off a thrilling victory over the Heat, but are now facing an uphill battle to get past the Celtics.

They beat the Bucks in overtime.

They lost to LeBron James’ Cavaliers in six.

The Pacers have lost five straight, but have won three of the last four and will be in the thick of things in the East.

The Pacers lost their two best players in Paul George and Roy Hibbert.

They’ve had trouble with LeBron James, but this team is still capable of beating the Cavs.

The Hawks have been awful the past two games.

The Rockets have a few things going for them, but I still think they can beat the Raptors, Celtics and Cavaliers.

The Celtics are still a decent team, but will need some help.

The Spurs won their first four games, and then lost to San Antonio.

The Bulls have lost seven straight.

The Cavaliers have lost six straight, and have now lost five in a row.

The Warriors lost to Golden State in seven.

The Jazz are in a really good spot, but still need to get a win to make the playoffs.

The Lakers have a chance to get to the NBA Finals, but won’t have to play in the West again.

The Nets beat the Cavs in overtime and are now 2-1 in the series.

The Pelicans lost to Cleveland in seven, but were upset by the Clippers in six and then the Spurs in five.

The Lakers are one of the favorites in this series.

They won five of their first six games, then fell apart in the second half.

They will now be playing for homecourt advantage, but the Cavs have won seven of their past eight games.

That’s still enough to give them homecourt in this one.

The Clippers lost in six, but managed to beat the Pelicans in five and then beat the Nets in four.

The Cavs lost to Oklahoma City in five, but beat the Heat in four and then fell to the Clippers and Spurs in four in the finals.

The Thunder are currently 2-3, but need to win their next three games to avoid falling out of the playoffs altogether.

The Nuggets have won five straight.

It was nice to see the Nuggets play hard, but that was about it.

The Bucks lost to Minnesota in five in six overtime, and the Cavs beat Golden State last week in seven to get the series back.

The Raptors lost their first three games, lost to Houston in six to lose three games in a span of two nights and then won two of their next four.

The Kings lost to Utah in four to lose four games in two nights, but lost in four straight.

The Grizzlies lost their final three games and then went on a three-game winning streak.

They now have two games in hand.

The Suns beat the Clippers, but now need to beat Toronto in order to make it to the Western Conference Finals.

The Pistons won five in three, but then lost in five to the Cavs and were swept by the Cavaliers in four last week.

The Kings have lost four straight, including the first two, and will need to lose six more games to reach the playoffs in order for them to have any chance at making the conference finals.

The Sixers lost to Detroit in seven and have lost three of four.

But the Bucks have won eight straight, as well as beating the Cavaliers, Rockets and Warriors.

The Grizzlies are coming into this series as a legitimate threat to make a run to the playoffs, but a lot can happen in four games and the final two of the series before they even have a shot.

The Wolves lost to Philadelphia in seven overtime, but ended the series with an impressive comeback win in four overtime.

The Nuggets lost four of five.

The Hornets are now 3-2 in the playoffs and need to make up some ground.

The Heat lost to Portland in six after beating them in five overtime.

The Mavericks lost to Orlando in seven but now have a six-game win streak going into the finals against the Cavs, Raptors and Lakers.

The Suns lost in overtime to Charlotte, but had a chance against the Pacers in six before losing in six in the NBA finals.

In the playoffs though, the Suns are just a little bit better than the Raptors and Bulls.

The Knicks lost to Toronto in seven in overtime, then lost two in overtime against the Clippers to make things a lot easier.

The Timberwolves lost to Denver in five after beating the Raptors in six

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