Women’s basketball will be the main attraction for the Irish national team at the Rio Olympics, but their fortunes could hinge on the fortunes of the Irish Academy Sport.

Irish women’s junior basketball team coach Catherine Ryan said the team was expected to make “a big jump” in the Olympics, with the focus on winning medals and the best of the best.

“We are going to be focused on that,” Ms Ryan said.

“The women’s team, it’s a really good team.

The guys are great too.”

They’re all going to play well together, they’re going to have fun.

“I’m confident we can go there and win a medal and be really, really proud of ourselves.”

Our team will have the best squad in the world.

“Irish women will have a team of 12 players at the Games, with two senior players being selected for the Olympic squad.

They will play alongside the likes of world champion Simone Biles, who will play in her seventh Games, and top seeds Lacey Evans and Mary Ellen McBride, who have all qualified for the Rio Games.”

Lacey and Mary have done really well for themselves and have been on the World team, so that’s the main focus for them,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

Ms Ryan said Ireland’s young players had to “be really careful” with their attitude to training.”

It’s a hard game and it’s got a lot of ups and downs, so I’m not going to put too much emphasis on it,” she said.

The team will be joined by top-ranked players in the US, Canada, China and the UK.”

This is a team that will have to be careful with the attitude, so we have to make sure that we are really focused on winning,” Ms Smith said.AAP/ABC

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