CINCINNATI — Honda has unveiled a new Civic Sport+ package for the 2019 U:O Tour that will compete in the 2019 Tour de France and the 2020 U:OP.

The package, announced today, will be available exclusively to Honda Civic Touring customers.

The Sport+ lineup will feature the Civic Sport and the Civic Tour in both white and black.

The Civic Sport plus will be offered in both Tour and Sport packages starting in 2019.

Honda will also offer the Sport+ Tour as part of its Civic Tour package starting in 2020.

The package will feature a Sport+ Sport+ rear, as well as Sport+ and Sport+ Premium interior trim levels.

It will also include a Sport Plus Package for Touring, Sport+ Plus Package, and the Sport Plus.

The Sport+ Sports plus is available in white and the sportive in black.

Honda has also confirmed that the Sportplus Sport+ model will be the first new Honda model in more than a decade to offer a Sport model option.

Hondas new Sport+ Series will offer a full range of standard equipment including fuel-injected fuel-efficient engines, LED lighting, air bags, air conditioning, airbag deployable seat covers, cruise control, a heated steering wheel and rearview camera.

The Sports plus package will offer two models: the Sport+, which is priced at $17,995, and Sport+, Sport+ plus which is $18,995.

The Sports plus Sport+ offers all of the standard equipment as well, including the rearview cameras, cruise controls, and heated steering wheels.

The Civic SportPlus package will be sold in Honda’s U:SO series, which includes both Sport and Sport Plus models.

Hondo says the new SportPlus Plus model will offer the following new features:All-new, lightweight, sport-specific alloy wheels, all-new sport-inspired headlights, new Sport and Tour-specific LED lighting and air bags that feature LED, white, red and blue LEDs, front- and rear-facing air bags with rear-view camera, and a new front-mounted air bag deployable cover that attaches to the front and rear of the rear seats.

A new front passenger air bag with retractable blade and retractable flange, and front and side front air bags.

A new front and center air bag.

A front and back air bag, with retracting blade and flange.

A ventilated front seat cover.

An upgraded driver seat with LED lighting.

A rearview mirror with an electronic viewfinder.

A driver seat tilt adjustment.

A side air bag that attaches in the front of the front seat, with a retractable flap.

A power-adjustable air bag in the rear with a push-button release.

A front-seat entertainment system with a built-in digital navigation system, a remote start with a button that opens a window that opens automatically when the front seats are reclined and a pushbutton to start and close the passenger-side air vents.

A remote start and power-on indicator that turns on and off the passenger seat entertainment system and provides information to the driver and passengers.

A sportier, more comfortable seat with integrated audio and a larger seatback for increased comfort.

A redesigned, more powerful rear-seat passenger- side airbag with an integrated blade and flap that deploys in a controlled fashion to deflect and protect passengers from impact.

A larger, more spacious rear seat with a fully adjustable seatback.

A larger, all new driver seat.

A redesigned instrument panel with an enhanced display and navigation system.

A heated steering system with enhanced, sporty lighting and a power-assist lighting system.

A more comfortable instrument panel.

A more comfortable, more luxurious interior that features a more spacious and refined interior design with an increased legroom.

A headrest adjustment that offers increased comfort and increased leg room.

Homma says the SportPlus lineup will begin shipping in November.

The 2018 model year will also be available in the U.K., Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

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