Nude sports enthusiasts are a growing audience, with nearly 1.3 million watching NFL games on alone, according to figures from the league’s digital arm.

In the past two years, the NFL has been rolling out a series of high-tech weapons that enable players to perform feats that would require a silencers.

The first of these was the NFL’s first-ever helmet-mounted “nude” sports gun, which shoots a ball with an image of a naked woman.

Now, it seems, another company is developing a device that shoots a naked, but more realistic version of a football at the range.

The company, Nude Sports, announced a new rifle-mounted gun at the International Shooters and Gamblers Association annual meeting in Las Vegas this week.

It’s the same one the NFL introduced in October, though the rifle-gun-shot version has been upgraded with a new bullet, a silencing system and a reticle that lets users see the ball’s trajectory as it flies through the air.

“The nude is not only a great, sexy sport, but it’s also a great example of what can be done with the technology we have today,” said Greg Schoeller, CEO of Nude, in a statement.

Nude’s bullet has a flash of light, allowing the user to track the trajectory of the ball as it travels.

This enables users to see the trajectory and fire in quick succession, the company said.

The rifle-shot bullet, with its flash, has a much better range than the silencer-equipped version, and is less likely to fall off a table or hit a person, Scholler added.

“This is the real potential of these technology,” he said.

“It’s not just a novelty to the shooter, it’s an exciting technology to be able to take advantage of.”

Nude is currently looking for funding, and the company says it plans to roll out a rifle-shoot version of the gun to the public sometime next year.

The new gun is also being marketed by a company called The Rifle Shop, which has a similar feature on its website.

The bullet, which can fire as fast as 400 yards, shoots a bullet at a rate of 1,200 feet per second.

The Nude Rifle Shop’s product description says the bullet can “shoot with a silenced .223 rifle.”

The Rifle Club of America, the industry group for rifle manufacturers, has also jumped on the nude bandwagon.

It said it was “delighted” by Nude.

“We believe the rifle is a powerful and versatile weapon,” said John Moseley, president and CEO of The Rifle Group of America.

“A silencer would make it impossible to shoot this powerful bullet, so we are proud to be one of the first to offer it.”

Nudes are an extreme sport, meaning they typically consist of only the head, neck and torso of the target, not the rest of the body.

They also tend to be somewhat more dangerous than the real thing.

That said, there’s a reason the NFL is expanding its ban on silencers for athletes.

They don’t kill, but they can slow down the trajectory or even knock the ball off a target.

“I think silencers are the real problem for players,” said Joe Tannenbaum, an analyst at Cowen and Co., in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“They’re making the sport more dangerous, more difficult, more time consuming.”

The NRA says silencers have killed more than 20,000 Americans.

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