Sports gear retailer Academies Sporting Goods (ASG) has announced it is offering the first-ever season ticket holders a discount on their next ticket.

Starting Monday, ASG will be offering a 12% discount to its Season Ticket holders, and the first group of season ticket purchasers who pre-purchase a new season ticket can receive a free pair of shoes with purchase of a new pair of socks.

The savings are for two of the four ASG shoes.

For a pair of Adidas sneakers, you can save up to $125 on the purchase of two pairs, which includes a pair for $150.

For the socks, you could save up for $20 on the pair, which also includes a matching pair for a $40 discount.

For shoes, you’re getting a pair worth $150 off.

This includes a Nike+ and a pair from adidas, which are both $160 for men, and $180 for women.

The discounts come on top of the savings on ASG’s Season Ticket, which now starts at $1,936 for a single season ticket, and includes a full season, including all the games, of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The discounted price for the ticket is $2,049.

The discount for ASG season tickets, which include all the tournaments, is even bigger.

That price is $3,000, and ASG said it will continue to offer season tickets at the same price for a couple of more years.

The new season tickets offer an option to buy a pair at a discounted price.

To do so, you need to purchase your first season ticket through ASG, and then choose an additional season ticket from the season ticket window.

You can get a pair in a variety of colors and styles.

You can also get a second season ticket for the same amount of money.

You’ll have to pay the full price of the first season if you choose a second ticket, which means you’ll still pay $2.50 for the second season, and that’s before the savings.

It’s a nice idea, and if you’re a season ticket holder, it’s a great way to save money for your next school.

But the savings are limited to two-for-one ticket purchases, and you need a full year of school to qualify for the savings, so it’s not as great as you might think.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you’ll have plenty of options for other ticket types, including basketball, lacrosse, golf, and softball.

You’ll find more info on the ASG website for the season, as well as the ASF and NCAA basketball tournament, and for other sports.

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