By James RuckerThe ‘CADillac XS,’ the world’s most expensive sports car, is being manufactured at an auto parts factory in South Carolina, in what will be a new chapter in the auto industry’s transition to mass production.

A new report from the Center for Automotive Research says that in a decade or two, the company will be producing a total of 10,000 XTS sedans, with an estimated price tag of more than $300 million.

The company is building a $1.5 billion factory in Spartanburg, S.C., in partnership with General Motors, the report said.

General Motors has not announced its exact production location, but the company has said it will build a facility in Michigan.

It is unclear whether the company is using the Spartanburg facility, which will be the company’s largest assembly facility outside the United States, or the Ford Assembly Plant in Detroit, where it will assemble the XTS.

The XTS, which is being assembled by the company, will have the same engine as the XLS and XLSi sedans it is replacing, but with more power and torque.

It will have a more aggressive design, with a more conventional rear end and more power under the hood.

The new XTS will be more powerful and more efficient, the CAR report said, and the XS will have an “enthusiastic, high-performance driver.”

The report does not detail the exact model, but it said the new XS model will be “based on the XSE platform, with significant performance and driving dynamics improvements.”GM, which has a $30 billion contract to build 1.6 million XTSs annually, said in a statement that it is investing $100 million in Spartanville and that “the company is committed to building the X2 and X2S sedans with our customers in mind.”

The XS, which was introduced in 2009, was designed by the XSI, which also produces the XL sedan.

GM says that its first production XS sedan, the XE, was introduced last year and will be followed by an updated model, which it said will include a “larger battery pack.”

It will have more power, more torque and better handling.

The report did not detail how much more power the new model will have.

The new XSE will have 7.5-liter V-6 engines that produce 300 horsepower.

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