Hyundai’s latest sporty sports bike is here, and the first to feature a hybrid system. 

Honda’s hybrid bike is one of the few to be completely electric, and Honda’s hybrid powertrain, known as a hybrid drivetrain, is one-of-a-kind.

It’s a technology that was initially developed by the Japanese carmaker to provide electric-only vehicles with the capability of running on petrol.

Hyundai’s new dual sport bike, the GX-F1, is powered by a hybrid powerpack, called a hybrid-electric battery, and it will be available in the US in 2018.

The GX is a dual sport motorcycle with a dual motor and twin-sport-specific suspension system.

The GX sports a sporty, aggressive stance and a sportier, lighter look, while the rear suspension is a little more aerodynamic.

The sporty frame is a direct response to the G1000 and G1000X models, which are more muscular and aggressive, with more aggressive geometry and longer reach. 

The G1 sports a twin-suspension suspension that uses a new, higher-capacity battery.

Honda’s electric drivetrain is similar to that used in the G500X and G500.

In the rear, the new GX sport bike is equipped with a large air intake and exhaust system that reduces noise and contributes to a cleaner ride. 

While there’s a hybrid engine, the rear wheels are all electric, but the rear end is still a two-seater sportbike. 

With the hybrid drivetrains, the dual sportbike will be the first electric sportsbike in the world to be powered by an electric motor. 

When we first saw the G1 in the wild, we thought it was crazy that the first hybrid motorcycle could be a hybrid.

But as we have seen with so many hybrid-powered vehicles, the technology is just that good.

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