Subaru has unveiled a new range of Forester models, including the Sport Coupe, which looks to be the first-ever hatchback to feature the brand’s new 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Forester Sports hatchback is the most advanced car in the new Subaru lineup, which combines a range of all-wheel drive with a more modern and modern-looking cabin.

It’s powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, which produces 184bhp (147kW) and 184lb-ft (165Nm) of torque, and it’s got a six-speed manual gearbox that’s just as fast.

This is the same gearbox found in the outgoing Forester S sedan, which is a 2-litres turbocharged 3.6-litrev V6 that produces 260bhp and 263lb-foot (160Nm).

The Sport Couple hatchback will come with the same 4.0L turbocharged petrol engine that makes 220bhp at 5500rpm, and the front and rear drive systems are the same as the standard Sport Coupler.

The new Sport Couples Hatchback and Sport Coupled hatchback look like they’re in a different range than their predecessors, with the Sport Hatchback getting a larger front spoiler, a more subtle spoiler, and a wider rear diffuser.

The Sport Hatchbacks rear end is also larger and more aerodynamic, which makes it appear to have a more aerodynamically interesting front bumper.

Subaru has said that the Sport hatchbacks front and front bumper will be made from carbon fibre, which adds weight to the vehicle, and they will be lighter than before.

The Sport Couplers rear diffused the engine to reduce the car’s drag, which means that the car will be able to carry more torque at lower speeds.

The rear wing of the rear hatch is wider, so the front of the car is taller, and so the car looks bigger and more muscular, but Subaru hasn’t said how big it will be.

There will also be a more generous rear spoiler, which allows for wider rear tyres, while the hatchback also has a wider front bumper, so there will be more space behind the car for passengers.

The top of the front fascia is the standard Forester sports infotainment system, while underneath that is the 8-inch touchscreen.

The rear fascia will also feature a large digital instrument cluster.

Inside, the standard rear hatch will be equipped with a 5.2-inch touch-screen with the latest technology, and there’s also a rear-mounted camera, which lets you check your battery status and get in-car navigation information.

The base model will also come with a seven-inch digital instrument panel, but the rear of the vehicle will also include a touchscreen.

There’s a rear bumper for the Sport coupler hatchback, and rear lights and fog lights are optional.

In terms of looks, the Sport and Sport Sedans look similar, but in terms of interior design, the new Sport hatch is the more interesting car, with more subtle touches and a more futuristic look.

It also has bigger brakes and a larger, more aggressive suspension setup.

The Subaru Foresters will be available for purchase in the UK from February, and will go on sale in the US in late 2017.

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