We’re not talking about just the NBA or the NFL here.

We’re talking about the sport of ultimate frisbee, and its most popular form of sport, ultimate frasbee.

And as the sport grows in popularity, the world’s largest ultimate frat has also grown in size.

Its biggest tournament, the US Nationals, now attracts about 6,000 people a day.

Its main league, the Ultimate Frisbee Championship, now has about 30,000 participants.

Its flagship event, the American Ultimate Frasbee Championship (AFC), has attracted about 50,000 fans in the past three years.

In all, there are now more than 300,000 players, coaches, officials, and referees from across the US and around the world competing in a global game that has grown exponentially in popularity.

And it’s a game that’s evolving, too.

With an ever-changing and ever-growing game that features the use of high-tech cameras and advanced game-tracking technology, ultimate has never been so much more than a spectator sport.

But there are other sports that are changing as well.

At its peak, American ultimate was only just emerging from the late 1990s.

But since the late 2000s, the sport has been gaining traction as a serious alternative to football and basketball, and is now attracting a growing number of top-tier teams from across North America and Europe.

The growth of ultimate is especially remarkable because of the growing popularity of a number of other sports.

The most obvious example of this growth is soccer, a highly competitive sport that attracts about 60 million people a year around the globe.

But the growth of other major sports like basketball and soccer is also increasingly evident.

As the sport’s popularity has grown, so too have the numbers of top players.

Last year, American Ultimate announced that its top eight teams now include nine players with at least one world championship title and three players with multiple world championships.

These top-ranked teams are also the top teams in the US, with the US’s top four teams, in fact, being made up of players who won championships in American Ultimate.

In 2017, the top five teams from the US Ultimate Federation were made up mostly of American players who also had at least two world championships titles.

There are even players who have won world championships in Europe, including four of the top six players in the world in 2017.

The top-level elite is a relatively new phenomenon in the sport.

Before the 1980s, elite players played for one of three major ultimate leagues: the United States National team, the North American Ultimate Championships, and the European Championships.

But as the world has become more competitive and more popular, teams like the US National team have grown in popularity and prestige.

In the 1990s, teams such as the US Team USA and the UK Team England were considered fringe competitors.

But in recent years, many top-end teams have emerged from the elite, with a new crop of stars and stars of the future, like the world-renowned players such as Jérôme Lenoir, a player from France who won a world championship in 2014, and Kevin O’Neill, a star player from Australia who is currently the top ranked player in the country, currently at No. 5 in the USA.

As a result, the number of elite players has grown by a factor of eight over the past decade.

At the end of the 2016 season, the United Kingdom’s Team GB finished fourth, just one place behind the US team.

That’s significant.

For decades, the UK was the only country in the Western Hemisphere that could not field an elite team.

And while the UK’s national team has never made the major finals of the Olympics, it has been a major player in international tournaments such as World Ultimate, and it has had the backing of the world governing body, the International Ultimate Federation (IUF), for many years.

The rise of the UK team and other teams from abroad in recent decades has led to a growing recognition among ultimate fans that ultimate is the ultimate equivalent of football and hockey.

This recognition has led many to think of the sport as a more mature, more refined version of these other sports, such as tennis and football.

But while the sport may have changed a little over the years, ultimate still has a long way to go to become the sport it once was.

For example, the biggest challenge for the sport in the future will be the rising number of players, and growing competition for the top spots.

This will be a significant challenge for players such the US player and other elite players who are competing against players from other countries, but the challenge will also be even greater for the younger players in particular, who will have to compete against players that are not only younger than them but also newer and better players.

The main goal of the AFI is to support and support the development of the game in the United State. The AFI’s

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