By this point in the season, the NBA had already surpassed football as the top-grossing sports franchise in the United States, with an estimated $2.5 billion in revenue last year.

The league’s popularity has been a long time coming.

It began as the National Basketball Association (NBA) and evolved into the National Football League (NFL), before finally merging with the United Soccer League (USL) in the late 1990s.

In 1996, the league made a splash when it hired its first female head coach, the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Over the next two decades, the basketball landscape has evolved dramatically, from a game played with a pair of sticks and a hoop to a sport that is now dominated by players from all over the world, including many NBA stars.

The game has been so popular that its popularity has spread across many sports leagues, from college football to the NFL.

For example, the NFL, the world’s most popular professional sport, is now the second-largest television rights holder in the US after the NBA.

But the most important thing that separates basketball from other sports is the fact that it is played on a court that is more than 50 feet wide.

In other words, it is an arena, with the largest arena in the history of the world and a basketball court of comparable size.

The court also has three elevators, two large baskets and a ramp that makes it easier to move players up and down.

The players on the court are also on a specially designed conveyor belt that transports them up and back down the court.

All of this has made basketball a unique spectacle, which is why basketball fans are as loyal as any sports fan in the country.

But while the NBA has become the world leader in popularity, it has also become the biggest sports franchise by far in terms of revenue, and that is a problem.

According to Forbes, the total value of all the NBA sports franchises, including the NBA and the NBA Championship Series, is $4.3 billion.

While the NBA is the biggest team in the league, the top three teams are all competing for a combined $4 billion.

But there are some teams that are losing money.

In fact, the last time the NBA lost money was in 2014.

The Houston Rockets lost $1.6 billion on their arena contract, which runs through 2021.

That year, the Lakers were able to keep their $4 million salary for one season for $1 million.

But since then, the Rockets have fallen into a hole and are in the process of trying to pay $1 billion in dividends.

The Warriors are also in a hole.

The team has been losing money for years, and the owner, Joe Lacob, is desperate to make a splash in the basketball market.

Lacob is in the middle of a massive project to build a $1 trillion arena in downtown Oakland, which would be the largest in the city.

It is also a major business in itself, generating more than $1,400 million in annual revenue and employing more than 200,000 people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even the NBA’s new owners, the Los Angeles Lakers, are struggling financially.

The Lakers have a $2 billion debt, and they are facing another $2 million in unpaid taxes.

The biggest problem for the NBA as it heads into its third season is the lack of revenue.

The NBA is now playing in a league with just a handful of teams that is worth $50 billion to $100 billion, according to Forbes.

That is a lot of money for the league to lose.

The current league owners are all billionaires, and each has amassed enough wealth to buy an entire city for $100 million or more.

But it doesn’t make much sense for the majority of teams to pay a lot for a team that doesn’t really need a lot.

The idea of buying a team and trying to use it as a marketing tool is probably the most sensible way for a major league sports team to go.

If the league wants to build an arena in an urban area, that is what is needed.

But for the most part, the teams have been doing what they can to avoid making money.

This has been especially problematic for the Miami Heat, who have been making money on the basketball court, which has become one of the hottest sports franchises in the NBA, with fans and sponsors flocking to the city to watch the games.

But when it comes to selling tickets, it isn’t working out so well.

As of mid-March, there were over 8,500,000 tickets sold in Miami for the upcoming Heat season.

The average ticket price is $140, and most of the games sell out within minutes.

The Heat also has a large and loyal fan base, which means that the average ticket for each home game is $7, a significant price tag when the team is in a

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