With NFL season kicking off next week, there’s a new round of predictions in town.

Here are the first 100 NFL games that are set to be played in 2017.

First, a primer on the new 2017 NFL season: What is a preseason game?

A preseason game is a game that is scheduled to be held before the regular season begins, but it’s not actually scheduled to start until after the regular-season ends.

These games are typically held to help teams prepare for the NFL Draft, which is when the NFL picks the league’s 16 franchises and names their head coaches.

The draft can be a big time for teams, especially since teams are required to spend $2 billion on new uniforms, uniforms and other items that go into the final product.

The NFL’s draft picks are made by consensus among the league, which can be swayed by a few bad trades.

What are the rules for preseason games?

All preseason games must be played on Monday nights.

That means that the first game of the preseason can’t be a home game.

The next two games are played at 7 p.m.

ET and 11 p., with one game being played at 6 p..m and the other at 3 p. m.

There is also a Monday night game at 4 p. and a Thursday night game.

Is there a draft?

The draft will happen on Monday night, but the teams don’t have to announce it yet.

Teams can use the draft as a bargaining chip to get deals done, which could be good for both teams and players.

Why does it matter?

Teams are not expected to make significant salary-cap changes or add players for the draft, so teams can’t go out and pay big money to free agents for the upcoming season.

There will be some roster changes, but no huge ones, said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

What will the teams do in 2017?

Teams will be able to spend as much as they want, although there will be limits on how much they can spend.

The league has released the salary cap for the first 10 teams, but those figures will likely change before the season begins.

A new collective bargaining agreement has not yet been reached, and that could change as the draft approaches.

How much will it cost?

The NFL is offering up to $8 billion in guaranteed contracts for players and the league will award up to a third of those to teams, although the final contract won’t be made public until the league has made its decision on the final round of guaranteed money.

How will the salary caps be determined?

Teams and players will each have to decide on their own how much to pay players and how to split up their guaranteed money, according to the CBA.

There are three main tiers of salary caps: First, there are the cap levels for all players who were on the roster in 2017, such as first-round picks and rookies.

These cap levels include $3.9 million for every first-rounder who was on the 53-man roster, $5.7 million for second-rounders and $10.1 million for third-round rookies.

Second, there is a $10 million salary cap that covers the cap-strapped NFL teams.

This is the highest tier of cap for each team, and it includes the $10-million salary for each of the team’s first- and second-rounder picks, $8 million for each second- and third-rounder pick and $6 million for any third- or fourth-round draft pick.

Third, there also are $3 million cap levels that cover the players who are on injured reserve, including injured reserve for players on the reserve/non-football injury list.

This includes players on injured Reserve and the NFL’s IR/PTO list for players with a knee injury.

Third-round and undrafted rookie contracts will also have a $3-million cap for players who signed with teams in 2017 and 2018.

The remaining $3 in each player’s salary cap will go to the team that drafted him or her, and the team will not pay any salary for any undrafted rookie.

How do teams get their picks?

Players will have to go through the draft by the draft’s order, which means that teams will need to wait until after they’ve won their first two games before they can make any moves.

How many draft picks will be on the field?

Teams have a maximum of 16 players on their roster in the draft.

Teams will select two players in each round and then each team will select one player from the pool of 16.

How are the rookies selected?

Players selected in the rookie draft will be the players with the lowest grades from the previous two years.

Teams then pick players with average grades from those two years and then one player who scored in the top 20 in those two seasons, according a team press release.

How about the second round?

The two-year average grade for each player will be calculated by adding the previous

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