A new report has revealed that the NFL has been making the most of its massive revenue stream for over a decade, thanks to its vast array of revenue streams that allow it to pocket huge sums for itself.

The latest study, published in the Journal of Sports Finance, looked at the most-valuable teams in the NFL.

It found that the San Francisco 49ers are the most valuable team in the league, with an estimated $2.4 billion in total revenue from advertising alone.

That’s a staggering figure for a team with just one winning season in the last decade.

The Seahawks, however, make a strong case for the top spot, with a staggering $3.5 billion in revenue from revenue from sponsorship alone.

Even more impressive: the New York Jets are second with $2 billion.

Those numbers are all up from the previous study, which was done back in 2010, which showed the Seahawks to be the most valued team in football.

The 49ers, meanwhile, are third, with $1.7 billion.

They’re the only team that makes the top five on the list.

In total, the study found that teams were earning an average of $3,700 per fan per game.

That works out to a revenue of just over $5 million per game, or around $15,000 per home game.

It’s a far cry from the NFL salary cap of $10 million per team per year.

The average revenue for teams is a staggering -$3,800 per home games.

That is only a drop in the bucket for the league’s $2,600 per home match.

The top five teams in terms of revenue also have one thing in common: they’re not owned by a single owner.

The Seattle Seahawks have the most revenue from ticket sales alone, followed by the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

They also make the top three in terms on the league average ticket price, which is $79.

It should be noted that the top 10 teams don’t actually play each other, so they don’t necessarily have to compete against each other.

They just have to play each others’ stadiums.

That leaves only two teams that are worth $2 million or more per home sellout: the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins.

Miami, of course, has been struggling this season, losing a league-leading three games to close out the season.

The Eagles, meanwhile are looking like they’re on the verge of winning the division this season.

They have the third-best average ticket prices, with the cheapest ticket costing $30.

Miami’s average price for a home game is only $30, and the cheapest tickets are $75.

The Dolphins have a winning record the past three years, but have lost eight of their past 10 games.

They were ranked No. 3 in the most recent survey by the NFL, and were fourth in the average revenue per home attendance in 2011.

In 2011, they were worth an estimated of $1,931,872, according to the study.

That number has increased slightly this season to $2 at home, $1 at home and away, and $2 in the stadium alone.

So far, the Eagles are the highest-earning team in baseball, and they’re also the most successful team in college football.

Their average revenue is up from $1 million in 2011, and their average ticket cost $40.

The teams with the highest average ticket costs are the defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide ($3,100 per home), Florida Gators ($3 and $3 with a $10 fee), and Auburn Tigers ($3).

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