Sporting car manufacturer Honda has announced that the 2018 Honda Sport Series will be produced exclusively by Honda Sport and that the car will sport a Honda Sport concept body style, the most advanced and futuristic styling for a sports car in its class.

Honda is announcing that the Sport-series will debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in June, with a production run to follow.

Honda has already confirmed that the vehicle will feature the latest technology, including an electrically-powered rear wing, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering.

The car will also feature a fully self-driving mode, with all the technology integrated into the interior, a high-tech interior lighting system and LED daytime running lights.

The Honda Sport Concept has been in development since 2015, and Honda says it’s aiming for a production debut sometime in 2020.

Honda says that the concept will include:1.

The most advanced design for a sporty sports car yet.2.

A completely electric rear wing.3.

A fully self driving mode.4.

The highest performance, most technologically advanced, and most stylish design for any sports car.5.

A high-performance interior with all of the latest features and technology, with LED daytime driving lights.HALO Sport is Honda’s flagship brand for the brand.

The company has produced sports cars and SUVs for decades, including in the 1990s, with the F-series sedan and its successor, the F80.

It is also known for the Honda CR-V and its sports coupe sibling, the Civic Si.

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